JyARz Glass Made Better

Why JyARz are better better Containers

Glass is the optimal storage material, unlike plastic it is inert. Glass doesn't absorb anything. Glass doesn't leach anything either. Glass is infinitly recyclable and it can easily be washed clean. The glass core in a JyAR is removable so it can be washed or replaced. 

But a simple glass container has a few drawbacks. Glass lets light in, including damaging UV radiation which can aid in the decomposition of organic material. Glass shatters if it suffers a shock. 

JyARz are better than traditional glass containers because we wrap high precision, scientific grade glass in air tight (smell proof), light and water proof enclosure. And we incorporate thick gaskets and shock absorbers inside each JyAR to protect the glass from sudden shocks and drops. Together these protective properties create a phenomenal portable storage environment for organic material.

Our Story

In 2011 my friend complained about the smell of his medicinal herbs. I unexpectedly became determined to try to design a small, portable, glass storage container. After searching over 6,000 patents on Google Patents and scouring the market to see if there was already  a portable container out there that fit the one I envisioned, I realized there was not!  I sketched my design, reworked it until it hit the marks I needed it to and then filled out the patent application and submitted it.  Within about a year, I received a US Patent for this design. There's simply no other product out there like it!

After our first year in the market (we launched it in October '12) it was clear that people were not only purchasing JyARz, but they were spreading the word because it turned out..they loved them.  Specifically, they appreciate their day to day use...how their JyARz are completely airtight, smell proof and waterproof..well made and they are sturdy. Customers also say they feel good about purchasing JyARz..as they are among the most eco-friendly containers available anywhere.

Our commitment to our loyal and prospective customers is to continue offering the highest quality and most innovative and eco-friendly containers in the world. We are laser focused on ensuring that the JyARz brand is synonymous with integrity in our products and conduct and our part to increase awareness of the environmental impacts of single-use plastics on our oceans. 

If you haven't tried out a JyAR yet...are considering one...we hope you'll order one. We think you really might love it!

Oh...and about our name! That "y" in JyARz is a reference to the "y" in Gyres. Gyres are swirling ocean currents where ocean plastic trash is piling up. Worse, the plastic is breaking down, absorbing toxins as it does. These small toxic bits of plastic are being consumed sea life because they confuse it as food. The Result: toxic plastics are entering into the marine food chain.

When you buy a JyAR we give 1% of the sale to ocean plastic research. When you buy a JyAR you get a superb container AND you help address plastic ocean trash at the same time!

Thank you very much for your interest and support!

-Aldo (JyARz founder)

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