3 Gram Container
3 Gram Container
All New JYARZ Classic
3 Gram Container
3 Gram Container
3 Gram Container
3 Gram Container 3 Gram Container All New JYARZ Classic 3 Gram Container 3 Gram Container 3 Gram Container

All New JYARZ Classic

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The ALL NEW JYARZ Classic has been heavily tested in the great outdoors. The JYARZ team took the final version down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and tested it under the most extreme white rafting conditions. Result - 100% success! We and our NEW JYARZ Classic took many "baths" in the rapids, but our herbs were safe and sound! Take the New JYARZ Classic with you on your next adventure and it'll stand up to all the extremes that nature will throw at it.

The ALL NEW JYARZ Classic features:

  • NEW more rugged design. Beefed up bottle stands up to whatever abuse you throw at it.
  • NEW Child Proof Cap or Screw on Cap
  • NEW 3x odor blocking system, unique to JYARZ (O-ring seals in the freshness where the cap meets the bottle)
  • Glass-lined - with thick glass is most beautiful material in the world
  • Eco-consciousness that will make you feel good inside

JYARZ unique TripleBlock™ design offers three layers of freshness, enhancing  dankness odor control: 

    1. A new silicone o-ring (Child Proof Cap version) creates a seal is formed where the exterior cap and shell meet. Because this first seal is formed outside the threads, the entire container and its contents can be submerged in hot soapy water...clean it "cap-to-base" in seconds.
    2. A thick silicone gasket inside the cap, forms the second airtight seal where it meets the inner glass core. Each and every JYAR provides you with 3 layers of odor and freshness enhancing protection!
    3. The outer shell and cap are made of recycled HPDE plastic which has a waxy and slick, smelly substances don't readily adhere to it. 
    4. Add a new silicone sleeve to add color, strain labels and an additional layer of shock absorbing protection:

Convenient On the Go Flower Storage for your active life style.

The New Classic 3 gram capacity is big enough to provide capacity for a day trip or evening out without being too bulky to carry. The glass core and tough outer shell ensure that your herbs are protected from crushing. Glass is inert so its free of chemicals, BPA's or Thalates and its easy to remove and clean. Thick silicone gaskets form a super tight and reliable seal which keeps the odor and freshness in! The rugged HDPE plastic provides another of protection from harmful UV rays and protects the glass inside from knocks and spills. The colorful outer shell is made from 100% recycled milk jugs.

Our Environmental Mission: JYARZ helping Gyres

Gyres are swirling ocean currents where plastic ocean trash is swirling around breaking down and its being consumed by marine life who confuse it for plankton. JYARZ is fighting ocean plastic trash in three ways:

First, JYARZ are made from recycled milk jug plastic, which reduces waste by upcycling plastic that would otherwise be trash.

Second, JYARZ are modular by design. The glass and gaskets on the inside can be easily cleaned and replaced. Keep the outer shell for a lifetime and replace the "core" components and you have a fresh new container!

Third, 1% of sales are donated to ocean plastic research organizations, like Algalita,org, which are researching and publicizing the perils of ocean plastic.

Now it's your turn

If after purchasing a JYAR you are not completely convinced that this is the best container you have ever owned we will refund 100% of our purchase price. Simply send email to Support@JyARz.com with your order number and we will issue a complete 100% refund.

Outside Dimensions: 3'' Tall by 1 1/4'' Wide (at top/widest)

Volume: 1.25 Fl Ounces (Approx. 3 Gram capacity)

Enter Coupon Code "25%" at checkout, for 25% off on orders of $50 or more. 

Is this a gift? 

JYARZ is an environmentally conscious company and we try to reduce our footprint where possible so we ship our products in light tissue paper. But we recommend adding packaging if this is a gift. If you want us to put your JYARZ in a box please purchase packaging in the Accessories section on this site.